Friday, January 13, 2006

New Music

One of Kaedy's nurses, Renee, heard Sherria and I talking about music on Thursday and so she joined in the conversation. She eventually asked me if I knew of James Clay. She really likes him and thought I might like it since I like Bob Seger. She went out to get it from her car and got me that CD to borrow and brought another one by Derek Webb. I listened to them both last night and I like them both a lot. I probably like Derek Webb the better of the two. He is very different from most Christian music which is why I like him and why she doesn't like him as much. She likes one song of his that was on the radio "She Must and Shall Go On." I hadn't heard it on the radio since I hardly EVER listen to the radio unless it is the station my pastor is on. In the car I either listen to tapes from church or my own CDs. Anyway, James Clay is very good, too. I like the first song on the album: "I Still Believe." I first heard it in the movie "Lost Boys" and had it on that soundtrack for a long time. I like it from a Christian point of view. :-) He reminds me less of Bob Seger and more of Counting Crows, but he is good none the less.

I usually listen to harder music than these two. I really like Christian rock: Kutless, Day of Fire, Building 429, POD, TFK, etc.

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