Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My cute kids

Starting Saturday, Kaedra made up a new game.  She waves her hands in the air (as if she is conducting music).  Those of us who are with her wave our arms too.  When she stops, we stop.  When she starts, we start.  She thinks it is hysterical.  It is even funnier when you keep going after she stops.  She gives you a look like "what is wrong with you?  We are stopped!"  She had the whole family doing it last night at dinner.  She would even occasionally hit the table and we would hit the table, too.  It was making us all laugh really hard, it was so cute.  Now she starts "conducting" us, even when she just sees us at the door! 

Emily was praying tonight for Kaedra.  She said "And I hope her foot is healed soon so she won't have the trach anymore."  When she was done praying  I asked her if I had heard her correctly and she said, "yes, her foot."  I asked what was wrong with her foot and she said "well she has that red thing on it (the pulse-oximeter) and when she can get that off she won't have to have her trach anymore."  Well……I hadn't really thought of it that way! 

Brittany kept spelling the word "science" wrong today.  I first had her write it 3 times and write it in a sentence.  She spelled those 3 times and the sentence wrong.  Then I had her write it 6 times and a sentence.  She only spelled it correctly 2 of the times.  So, finally, I told her to write it 12 times and write a sentence.  (by the way, her sentence each time was "I love science."  I thought for sure by the end it would be "I hate science!" LOL)  She wrote it 12 times and her sentence and came to show me. I was teasing her about it saying I hoped she had it correct this time and she burst out in tears!  I asked her what was wrong and she was soooo upset that she had to write the word 12 times.  She thought she was being ROYALLY punished.  LOL!!! I told her that Christian Marshall just recently reminded his mom of how she made him write a word 100 times!  Twelve is nothing!!! 

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Melanie said...

it was so wonderful to see Kaedra yesterday! From her beautiful eyes and her huge smile... when I am near her, I feel like I have seen the smile and compassion of God.

Now, on to spelling.. Brittany, have your mom reread her blog and tell her to write the sentence "She only spelled it RIGHT 2 of the times" 12 times! LOL

I always do that! Homophones get me everytime! Especially write and right! It just struck me as funny that you did it in a sentence regarding spelling.

Oh and by the way.. the boys and I loved the calligraphy class! Can't wait till next tuesday!