Thursday, January 19, 2006

Baby Steps

No no no, not Kaedy Baby Steps. Not quite yet. I will let you know!!

No, I am talking about my baby steps!! WOOHOO!! I am on the right track. I have gotten up at 7am every morning this week, taken a shower and gotten dressed (without the shoes, for you flybabies! LOL). I have made my bed before coming downstairs and picked up the bathroom and bedroom. Then, as I come downstairs, I have been sticking with my morning schedule with the girls. I am so excited!! I still have more work, of course, a whole other half of the day, to be precise....but baby steps, baby steps!! YEAH!

Today I am working on my schoolroom. I have big plans for it, but the big plans would take money so I have to wait on those. Instead, I am going to be boxing up a lot of the books in my schoolroom that I don't need (It was VERY hard for Sherria to convince me that I don't need my middle school and high school books out all the time! LOL), getting rid of a behemoth of a file cabinet, switching tables with the kitchen table (I want a square table in the schoolroom now, so it can go up against a wall, instead of the oval one in the center), putting the computer on the table and putting away the side table that the computer was on, and organizing all my other books. WHEW. I am tired. Can I quit now? ROFL!

Well Kaedy is scheduled to go to San Antonio March 21st for her next rib surgery. We are also on a waiting list in case they have a chance to get us in sooner, which means we are basically "on call" right now. We need to be able to leave at a moment's notice!

We ended up not being able to get the pool. It was going to cost us $1500 to get it moved and get it a new liner (which everyone that could move it said we would need). Michael didn't want to spend $1500 on that right now. I understand but I am very disappointed. I had already envisioned our summer by the pool this year. :-( I am not giving up yet, though. God gave me that pool within 24 hours of me saying I wanted it, I don't think he is going to fail me now. There is some kind of provision out there. :-) Anyone an expert on moving pools out there? And levelling land? and setting pools up? C'mon I know you are out there....Angels....go get these people for me!!


NeeCee said...

When you are done organizing your school room, can you come and do mine?

I agree with you that God will send people and/or the funds to get that pool moved for you!

benwillis7932 said...

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Katie O. said...


Thank you for your inspiration! However, if you find you have a free month or two -- you're welcome to come organize my schoolroom. ROFL!