Thursday, November 17, 2005

Great New Book

I just had to sit and write really quick. I have A LOT to do today, but while I was eating breakfast I started a new book and I have just read ONE chapter and it was AWESOME. It was the best first chapter I have ever read. It is called When the Day of Evil Comes by Melanie Wells. It is a Christian Suspense novel about spiritual warfare. It sucks you right in and leaves you with questions and a general feeling of uneasiness which makes you want to keeeeeeeep reading. However, I have LOADS of things to do, so it will have to wait until lunchtime. :-(

One more thing..I am really excited. One of my friends may become one of Kaedy's nurses!!! She is a NICU nurse at a local hospital and she would be perfect for working some of Kaedy's shifts. She would be doing some of the overnights so Tonya would not be working 7 days a week anymore and that would also mean if Tonya needs a night off, we would have someone else!! WOOHOO!!! The worst part of it would be wanting to hang out with Tarry while she was here overnight, just to talk to her. LOL. I will have to force myself to go to bed. Also, she is going to come here on Sunday night to be here in case Linda needs any help during the Harvest Dinner at Church. HALLELUJAH!

Have a great day everyone!!! This is the day the Lord has made, REJOICE and BE GLAD in it!!!

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kelly said...

just searching through blogs to get book suggestions and see what people out there are reading...i came across your blog about Christian fiction and thought maybe i'd put a bug in your ear about a book,'s called Deadline by Randy Alcorn. sounds like it has similar themes as the novel you're discussing in this post. he has written other novels (both fiction and non) and i'd definitely check it out! have a blessed day~