Monday, November 14, 2005

The first day of the rest of my life

That's what today is!!! WOOHOO!!! HALLELUJAH!! I am a new creation! I'm a brand new woman!! Old things have passed away! I am born again!!

I have been REALLY tired lately and had some problems getting going. Mostly been wanting to rest. Unfortunately, with 3 girls, a husband, and a house, resting isn't really an option for more than one day. SOOOO today I am starting anew.

I have a bunch of new ideas about school (thanks to Paula). I have some new habits I am cultivating (with Sherria) and I am trying to stay on track with my list (ala Flylady). I have lots of ideas and I just need to start implementing them. I am more organized and in better control now of my life than I have been for a year but I still have lots of room for improvement.

I was just going to say that I needed to find time to write them all down. Well, no time like the present! Here are some of my changes (not in order of importance):
1. no more pop
2. spending time every night writing
3. more time with God - Bible time, prayer time
4. Eating to a "5" (see Thin Within)
5. Going to bed by 1030
6. Getting up at 6am
7. Getting a new meal plan going
8. new rules for B and Em:
a. no "big" breakfast unless Britty is completely ready for school by 7:45
b. cereal if she is not
c. Emily will be put in time out everytime she interrupts.
d. Emily will no longer be allowed to get out her own clothes...Mommy will have to help her.
9. Different load of laundry every day
10. New Flylady list because of new nursing hours
11. Making Britty a weekly list of school assignments.
12. Making Britty and Emmy chore lists
13. Cutting down on people coming over to 1-2 a week, or doing it after school hours. (that doesn't include Ria, of course!)
14. Cutting down on nap time for Mommy (at first in minutes, then in days)

Well that's all at the top of my head. I will see y'all later....Tschuss!

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