Monday, November 14, 2005

A Day out of her room

On Friday, when we had Kaedy without a nurse, we started off by taking her to the dining room for a lovely breakfast of plums. She loved them so much that she picked up the bowl and drank them!! LOL After that, we took her to the tub and she and Emily took a bath in the tub. It was Kaedy's first "big girl" bath. After drying her off and getting her dressed, I did the rest of her medical care: trach tie changes, omni flex change, HME change, etc etc. She was so exhausted after such a big morning, she fell asleep for a few hours.

Once she woke up, we brought her into the den and Emmy cuddled with her on the couch for awhile. Then we put her on the floor where she played with toys for awhile. When she started to get tired, I cuddled with her on the couch for awhile and then we put her in her new walker-thing and she played. We fed her dinner and then played a little more and then took her back to her room. It was so cute. It was like she had never seen the things in her crib before. She was picking them up and looking at them one by one. She soon went to sleep and I am sure she dreamed of other parts of the house she hasn't seen yet! LOL

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