Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook 6/30/10

It's Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outside my window..Sun streaming through the windows.  Birds chirping. Green everywhere.

I am thinking... of how cute my littles are when they are working together.

I am thankful for...mercy and new beginnings. again and again.

From the learning room....nothing yet, but will be hopping in a few hours.

From the kitchen....going to make a green smoothie for breakfast, leftovers for the family for dinner and I am getting to go out to eat with a friend! :-)

I am wearing...jammies still

I am creating....going to work on a my mom's mother's day present today. Yes, I know it's late. Hopefully it will come out wonderfully and I will post pictures. :-)

I am clean up my house today, get school done, get my mom's present done and go out with my friend. Oh, stick a nap in there somewhere. 

I am currently reading... Heart of Wisdom by Robin Sampson (I read it about once a year, in the summer)

I am hoping...we hear our moving date soon

I am hearing....the children (now fussing...yeah, that whole working together thing was very short-lived)

Around the House.....a bit discombobulated since we went to Tulsa yesterday.

One of my favorite planning. Can't wait to get unpacked and have all my books out and ready so I can get next year planned!

A few plans for this week...Looking forward to spending 4th of July with a wonderful family!

from  my picture journal...

I miss my niece!!

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Susan said...

I always enjoy reading these.

Sherria said...

I miss you too!!!