Monday, June 21, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook June 21, 2010

Outside my window...Beauty! A green tree with sunlight glowing through the leaves. Shadows from the tree and leaves dancing around the yard!

I am thinking... about a June Bug!

I am thankful for...Michael talking to his store manager today about our move!

From the learning room....just finished up school with the kiddos. Books closed and put on the shelf.

From the kitchen....making a steak and green bean frittata tonight (last night's leftovers!)

I am wearing... jammy shorts and a tank top. I also have a kitten sticker adorning me, thanks to Emily. :-)

I am creating....a crochet purse. I am about halfway done with the crochet part and am SO excited about it! I think it is going to be beautiful. Look below for a sneak peak.

I am going... to put my leg/foot up soon and put some ice on it. This is the longest I have been without it up for 10 days and it is starting to ache. But it is definitely getting much better!

I am currently reading... So long Insecurity by Beth Moore

I am hoping...we hear our moving date soon

I am hearing....the dishwasher (which shouldn't be on...silly thing turns on if you bump into it), my windchime and little else. Kids are outside playing in the sprinkler.

Around the House.....picked up mostly and awaiting the day when it can all be boxed up.

One of my favorite hubby's smile.

A few plans for this week...Not exactly sure. Packing? Going to Tulsa to visit? Hanging out with friends? We will see what the week brings. All I am sure of is school!

from my picture journal...
a sneak peek of my purse

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Shirley said...

I'm so happy for you guys!!

Can't wait to see your finished purse... it looks like it is going to be cute!

"June Bug" ... ;)