Thursday, June 10, 2010

Personality Test

My friend Susan, Penless Writer, wrote about the Primary Colors Personality Test the she and her wonderful husband took. I thought it would be fun for Michael and I to take it.  Here are our results:

I tied between yellow and green.
Yellow is described as: 

Your Primary Personality is -- Yellow
These are the heart of our society. They are loyal and loving. They are dependable, prepared and punctual. They value relationships in their lives above everything else. They value home, family, and tradition.
They are emotional and supportive. They are pleasers who avoid confrontation at all costs. They are usually patient, great listeners and are warm and encouraging. They can have difficulty being assertive. They are usually easy-going.
They love peace and harmony and are the peacemakers within a group, family or work environment. They are sunshine on a dark day. They are faithful and stable when emotionally healthy, and they have a natural ability to create safety within a relationship. They are slow-paced, easy going people pleasers. They desire to serve and please with their only reward being one of appreciation.

Green is described as:
Your Primary Personality is -- Green
These are people that we might refer to as "Rocks of Gibraltar." They are fair and dependable. They are honest and stable. They are loving and reliable. They live their lives with a great deal of integrity.

They take a larger view of the world and see things from a reference of wholeness and completeness. They pride themselves in being able to see the "big" or "whole" picture. Their word has great value and they do not give it lightly. When they commit, their word is their bond. They are in a constant progression toward wholeness.
They love to categorize and view the world from a systems perspective. They enjoy consistency and like things that have a measure of predictability. They are empathetic but not overly sympathetic. They rebuke with without judgment, counsel with mild but strong hearts. They are temperate, modest and wise.

My secondary color was orange...described as:

These are our out-going, enthusiastic, center-stage people.
They act on a moments notice. They are witting, charming and spontaneous. They love to talk. They need variety, fun and stimulation. They are natural trouble-shooters and are good at flying by the seat of their pants.
They are great at motivating and inspiring others. They are great net-workers. They usually know a lot of people. They can be very loving and encouraging unless under pressure when they can use their verbal skills to attack. They have a strong desire to be liked and enjoy being the center of attention.
They are personable and are sensitive to the reactions of others, often taking things personally. They usually pay attention to style and trends (many times setting them). They can be the life of a party. They are great at inspiring and motivating others and thrive in an environment where they can have a voice in making major decisions.

Michael came out as a green with red as his secondary color.  
Here is the description or red:

The color red represents what we most often think of as born leaders. From a young age red personality types like to take charge. As children they create the rules to the games they invite others to play. Extreme red personality types can be characterized by the saying Its my way or the highway.
They usually gravitate to positions of authority. They can be bossy and over bearing. Red personality types are dominant personalities that are not easily intimidated. They resist being controlled by anyone. As children they are often thought of as strong-willed, forceful and determined.
Red personality types believe that the ability to solve problems and take charge of any given situation defines whether one is competent or not. Most red personality types are forceful in their approach to life.

Very interesting stuff.  For the most part, I agree with it all.

What do you come up with?


Susan said...

I KNEW you'd love this and do it. You're like me Kahri, we are facinated with personality typing.

Shirley said...

Very neat! We'll have to give this a try! :)

Amelia Antwiler said...

According to the numbers my primary is Orange.
My secondary is Green.

It was hard on some of them to give numbers accurately. The one I remember most was the combination of Introvert/curious. I'm way curious and way not an introvert.

Still it was interesting.