Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Today is Emily's Birthday - 5 years old!!! WOW!!! She is at that REALLY fun age...Okay, I admit it, I think every age is really fun. But I really love 5 year olds because they are so eager to learn and they try to be so grown-up but they are still little kids!

Five years ago today, I was induced at Southcrest Hospital. I had a very easy and quick labor. I did have an epidural about 2 hours after being induced and then had Emily an hour later. During my labor I played gin with Michael and he beat me. (He can only beat me at gin when I am in labor!!!) When she was born, they pretty much let me have her right away. She was not a beautiful baby. She looked exactly like her Daddy. We called her mini-Michael for awhile. Around 2 years old she started losing the Daddy look and gaining more of my looks. She is very very pretty now and it is hard to see any resemblance to the mini-Michael in the early pictures.

She was colicky in the beginning and I used to dance with her to calm her down. Almost every evening during dinner time, we would dance around and sing and she would get quiet. I remember in the summer, when I was dancing outside, the neighbors would look over the wall and watch us. Soon they got used to the sight and began looking forward to seeing her out there in the evenings.

She was the apple of her Paw-Paw's eye and he lived to see her first birthday. He was having a rough year, that first year of her life, but he loved to see her and love on her.

At this point in time, she says she wants to live with Mommy and Daddy forever. (isn't she sweet????) She wants to grow up and be a princess weather girl. She does seem to have the princess part down and she HAS to check the weather every day at least two times. She is planning on marrying Jacob Zirkle (the pastor's grandson) but they are going to live with us and they are going to have lots of kids that they will homeschool. Of course, this isn't going to be at this house, but at our next house: The Farm. There she and Jacob will ride horses all the time, in between her princess and weather girl duties. (I guess she expects me to school the kids??)

Anyway, she is so much fun and such a sweetie, too. She loves to take care of people and surprise people with doing something for them. She has such a servant's heart. She loves church, loves our pastor and grasps the concepts of church better than a lot of adults I know. In fact, she is the first to pray for anyone who is sick or hurting and when she hears someone died she immediately says "Yah! Now they are in heaven!!"

Happy Birthday Peanut!!! We love you!!!


The Zandi Zoo said...


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I remember dancing with Emily when she was a baby. I remember when I brought Jim's laptop over to you because we didn't know how to reload it... (isn't that funny and ironic) and while you worked on the laptop I held Emily.. and she didn't cry. Then, I remember calligraphy class. You told us we were your guinnea pigs. Dillon said he didn't want to be a guinnea pig. He wanted to be a gerbil. Cody said he wanted to be a hamster and so it went, with everyone at the table claiming their favorite rodent. Finally Emily spoke up. "I want to be a giraffe!" Much better than any rodent I could think of!

Hugs and Blessings!
Melanie, (who laughs at those sweet Emily stories, almost as much as she laughs at the fact that you used to do my tech work! LOL)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!

I can't believe it's been 5yrs already!!!

NeeCee said...

Happy Birthday Emily!! I remember holding baby Emily during a play rehearsal so you could play the piano. She immediately snuggled in and feel promptly asleep. What a sweet girl!

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