Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Coming Home

We are coming home tomorrow!!! WOOHOO!!! The ambulance is picking Kaedy up at 8am and we should be back in Tulsa by 1030am, if we get the lear jet again!! YEAH!!! We get to take her straight home, no more hospital visits for right now!! I am soooo ready!! After nearly a week in hospital beds and hospital showers, I can't wait for home!!!! :-)

She is doing marvelously!! She stayed up last night a few hours and I got to see lots of late night television like Judge Joe Brown (who really should quit pretending to judge and just become a comedian because that is what he thinks he is!!!) and infomercials. I also didn't know that you could see Jay and Conan again in the middle of the night! Oh what you learn on late night/early morning TV. HAHA.

We don't have ANY nursing scheduled until Sunday morning. Not even nights. I am excited about going home, but not excited about getting up all night to feed her and give her treatments. AAAGH. I might actually have to act like a "real" mommy and take care of my baby full time!! HAHA

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. See you soon!!!


The Zandi Zoo said...

WOOHOO.. Isn't God awesome!!! I can't wait for you to get home!!! YAY!!!! Give that sweet girl a kiss from California for me. :-)

NeeCee said...

God is so good!! I am thrilled she will be able to come home and skip the additional hospital stay. Welcome home Lynn family!!

Melanie said...

HALLELUJAH! And I'd like to see anyone challenge your "real mommyness"!

Heather said...

Great news!!! :) Give Kaedy a hug for me!