Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Sixteen

Since Brandi did the Friday Fifteen (which I also had planned on doing!! GMTA)I decided to do the Saturday Sixteen! :-)

Sixteen of my favorite homeschool memories so far

1. Making a crime scene for Britty to figure out

2. Going to the zoo just for a nature walk

3. Doing the nature walk behind my mil's house

4. The day Timmy and Brittany pretended they were Da Vinci and laid under a table to paint paper on the bottom of it.

5. Farm day at the Neals when Britty was little.

6. When we made a living Nile River in a kitty litter box.

7. Miquon Math

8. Our whole Da Vinci unit study which was supposed to be 2 weeks, but ended up 8.

9. Our new curriculum, Ancient History: From Adam to the Messiah.

10. Saying the pledge of allegiance every day!

11. When we got our cheap microscope to work and we looked at everything we could find under it.

12. The different plays Britty has been in.

13. When Emily finally got the name of the "L"

14. The homeschool Aquarium day where we got the private class

15. Making the Kaleidescopes at the glass store!!!

16. Ancient Egypt night at the Neals (even though we had to leave VERY early and got there late!!!)

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