Monday, May 29, 2006

Home again, Home again

Well we are home! YEAH!!! We got back on Thursday, mid morning. Everything went really well on the trip home, no problems. Kaedra was THRILLED to be home. She immediately wanted to get on the floor and play! We let her down and she played and played and played, basically until she fell over exhausted.

It was wonderful to be home with the girls again. I don't know how many times Brittany has told me that she is glad we are least 10 times a day! Emmy and Britt were so excited to see their sister, too, and have been lavishing her with attention. We have been swimming everyday since being home. AAAAAHHHHH a pool....I love it!

Britty and I went to work day at our church this Saturday. I helped wash the windows (I am the tallest woman, so I did all the really tall windows from the top of a ladder) and swept floors. Brittany scraped stucco and paint off the floors in preparation for the carpet and she helped wash windows as well. It was a lot of fun to help out and I loved seeing the church again! It has BEAUTIFUL chandeliers!!! They are wrought iron, a copperish color, and they are beautiful. The children's rooms are painted so neat, with great blues in different shades. I love the whole place. I can't wait for it to open!! We will be taking Kaedra there regularly as soon as it opens!! WOOHOO!! That will be SOOO exciting!! And it is only a little more than a mile down the street!

Church yesterday was awesome, both times! I know part of it was how hungry I was for The Word, being away from it for two weeks. I went to prayer time on Saturday night, too, and it was just such a blessing to be able to pray for everyone's needs! I can't find my church notebook, which is a little disturbing. It has my really cool highlighter with 9 colors in it and all my notes from church this year. It also has other stuff like stamps and envelopes from the trips, but I really just miss the notes and the highlighter. I am hoping I didn't leave it in San Antonio or on the plane. The great thing is that the Holy Spirit knows where it is and He will bring it to my remembrance!

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