Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I started Saxon K Phonics with Emily and she loves it. I can't ever give her enough worksheets to work on!! I wish Saxon came out with a supplementary huge workbook to give the kids for "busy" work. I am getting tired of printing things out! And my printer is pretty mad at me, it is very overworked right now!! Here is a page with a lot of good printables for the alphabet: The family craft page.

Brittany is over at my mil's house doing a "good deed" today. She has been rather selfish lately so each day this week she is doing something for someone else. She is helping Grandma today, washing Ria's car tomorrow, doing something for Daddy on Friday, helping out at church on Saturday. We are also doing a bible study on Brotherly Kindness. I have already noticed a difference in her, just in 1 1/2 days!

We leave in just a few days for San Antonio. Kaedra goes in the hospital here in Tulsa on Friday night. If there is a bed available, I would like to stay with her. She definitely isn't going to like being in a room all by herself during the day, so I will be staying with her for that!

Shooky and Tempe are getting along great!

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The Zandi Zoo said...

Oh my goodness.. that photo is funny. What a life! LOL!

I like the good deeds idea too.

Love ya friend!!
Praying that everything goes beautifully in TX.