Saturday, April 22, 2006

Introducing Tempest

After the death of my beloved Mercy-cat, Michael graciously told me I could get another cat whenever I wanted. That was really very sweet of him since he is not a huge cat fan. I decided I really wanted a Maine Coon. I had one before - named Shakespeare and he was such a great cat. I started looking for Maine Coons online and did not find any in shelters nearby. The closest I came was a Maine Coon/mix in Missouri. I decided I might buy one until I saw that they went for in between $500-$900. (Shakespeare was from the pound) I asked God for a Maine Coon kitten knowing that was the only, and best, way to get one. The same day, God nudged me to post on tulsafreebay that I was in search of a Maine Coon. The next morning I had a response from a sweet lady who was giving away her Maine Coon and wanted to find him a good home. She had read my blog about Mercy and thought we would be a good family!!! We went and got him later that day. His other family had called him Jersey, but we call him Tempest (Tempe for short) because of his colors - he really looks like a storm cloud. He is absolutely beautiful and very sweet and fun. I just love the temperament of Maine Coons. Our only problem with him so far is that he is much more playful at night (like 4am) then he is during the day. We need to get him on OUR schedule! LOL. He reminds me of a baby who has gotten his days and nights mixed up. He gets along fine with our dogs and our kids love him. He is cuddly, playful and beautiful, what more could we want??? Here is one of he pics his previous owner sent me when she offered him to me. We don't have our own pictures yet, mostly because I don't have my camera next to me at 4am.


The Zandi Zoo said...

He is beautiful, Kahri!! He looks like he would be so soft and cuddly.

Heather said...

Beautiful cat!!!!!!

Last week I saw a thing on PBS about show cats and saw the Maine Coons. I have a suspicion that our cat is a Maine Coon. ???? But the mouth/cheek of Tigger's face doesn't quite match the Maine Coons.