Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cheaper by the Dozen and Flealess in Broken Arrow

Sherria (my neice) and I watched the old "Cheaper by the Dozen" movie last night. Michael and I had watched the new version in the hospital while we were rooming in with Kaedy - we didn't like it. It was very sad (although it was supposed to be a comedy) and I think it was propaganda from the liberals to prove that people should NOT have large families. There was hardly anything redeeming in the movie to me, at all. I knew that I had seen the older version and loved it, so I decided to rent it and I knew Sherria would be willing to watch it with me...she is up for anything!

We were getting ready to watch it after church and Kaedy was still awake so we loaded her up in her stroller and brought her into the den where I got comfy in the lazy-boy with her. Tonya, her night nurse, came out too. As soon as we started the movie, I could tell we were going to love it. It was WONDERFUL!!! My favorite line was when the dad says "what do people DO [with their time] when they only have 5 or 6 kids?" I highly recommend it to any and everyone, it was a hoot! (as my friend Denise would say!)

This morning I was looking carefully at my cat and noticed he had a flea (I am sure their were others, but one is all I need to see!) so I took him and bathed him in flea shampoo. Oops, I meant I bathed myself in flea shampoo and got a little on him. He is declawed in the front, but not the back, and he managed to hook one of his claws into my arm. Unfortunately I didn't have a good grip on him, so he squished out of my hands and was hanging from my arm by his claw. It would have made a very comical picture, but I have decided I am DEFINITELY not into any of that "piercing my body for a religious experience stuff." He is now in my room, recovering from the experience and trying to find his pride. I, on the other hand, don't have any pride, so I came downstairs to show Linda how thoroughly drenched and covered with hair I am. If I had one of those little web cams, I would even show you all...however, you will have to imagine it yourself. ;-)


LagunaBum said...
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NeeCee said...

I LOVED the old version SO much better than than the newer version. But, I usually think that about all the remade classics. :0)

We are having the exterminator out tomorrow for our little critter problem. LOL