Sunday, September 18, 2005

Kaedy's HOME!!

For those of you worried about Kaedy because I haven't written, I am so sorry!! All is well!!!! I have an email list where I keep people updated about her and send pictures and I figured that everyone who cared was on that list and would know how she was....if you would like to be included, please let me know... We had someone prophesy over her that she was going to touch lives all over and I am seeing more and more that it is true!

Okay, here is the update...SHE IS HOME!!!! She has been home 6 days now. Her homecoming was wonderful and didn't seem real for many days. Or perhaps I had imagined it so much that I just slipped right into it...I'm not sure. It has been wonderful!! We have 3 nurses...a M-F daytime nurse, Linda; a M-Su (yes 7 days a week!!!) nighttime nurse, Tonya; and a Sa-Su nurse, Clara. We really love Linda and have adopted her into our family! She is wonderful!

Kaedy is supposed to stay in her room this first week. (we have a doctor's appt tomorrow where we are hoping she will be able to venture into the rest of the house) We have been spending a lot of time going in to see her. Almost everytime we switch what we are doing, we go in to "check on her." LOL!! The girls have caught me in there when I was supposed to be doing something else, too! She is just too much fun. She has SOOO many for EVERYTIME she sees us! She loves to cuddle and loves kisses. When she is sitting in her crib, she will lean toward me for a kiss. The girls just love her and adore her and haven't had any problems adjusting to her being here. In fact, things are just going wonderfully!! It is SOOO wonderful being home with all three of them all day long. We are really having a great time! I really feel that we are re-connecting, even though we were never really is just a time where we are able to enjoy each other even more!

I am going to go for now, but will keep you updated more regularly now. Many blessings to all that read this!

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