Thursday, September 22, 2005

Middle of the night musings

Well it is the middle of the night and Kaedy and I are both awake. It is a coincidence, however. I couldn't sleep and I came downstairs and she woke up from her treatment. I tried to rock her to sleep, but she just wanted to play. I decided to put her back in her crib with some soft music on to try to cut down on the stimulation. I can hear her in their playing, though, so I don't think it worked!!

Yesterday was an extremely busy day. We had people in and out of our house all day long - nurses, RTs, someone measuring her Kaedy for a kidcart, someone with TONS of paperwork for physical theraphy, a person with supplies, UPS, and, finally, a wonderful dinner from our Pastor's wife! It was VERY busy and hectic. I am glad it is over. :-) We ended by going to church, so that was a good way to end a day like this!!

Linda (the nurse) and I have been working on Kaedy taking a toy out of a container (part of her physical therapy). She finally did it a few times today! Who would have thought that you would have to "work" on something like that! She is not yet consistent with it, but she is doing better.

We had a great doctor's appt this week and he said she can come out of her room. With all the excitement around here, we have not yet actually brought her into the rest of the house. Maybe today. :-) The girls are just SOOOO excited about taking her into the house.

We need to move the den around to have more room for Kaedy's stroller to get around. We also need to move the computer armoire so that it is not in the way of everyone going to her room. It is funny, our house worked fine for us, but we are realizing it doesn't work fine for others! I am also probably going to move the girls' rooms around upstairs. I think we are going to give them each their own room. I am still praying about it, so we will see.

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NeeCee said...

That is what I was afraid of, all the visitors and such. That is why I waited to visit. Just let me know when things calm down and you feel up for a visit.