Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nurseless and B's departure

We didn't have a nurse today because our back-up nurse was sick. We will probably not have one tomorrow because our regular day nurse's father had to have a pace maker put in and our nurse went to Texas to see him. Please pray for them!

Anyway, we had a great day today, even without a nurse. In fact, I finally got her clothes organized in her drawers according to type and season so that we could get to them better. Michael and the girls had graciously gotten all the 18m-24m clothes out and put them in the drawers, but they really didn't organize them. I folded them all over 3 times and put them standing up side by side so you can actually see all the outfits at once and just pick from the top. That is my favorite way to do baby clothes, so you don't miss any! If we don't have a nurse tomorrow, I will organize her shoes/socks and toys. If our nurse is able to come, I will go to church!

Brittany is off to Albuquerque today for 1 month. Emily fell apart at the airport when she saw her sister go through security. She just was so upset. We have a surprise planned for Britt when she gets back, though, so that is exciting Ems now and making her forget about her absence. I am also going to make her a little calendar where she can mark off the days until sister comes home again!

Kaedy is doing well getting out in the house. She has been in our living room, den and kitchen. Pretty much everywhere on the bottom floor except our school room.
And, to be honest, noone, much less a baby in a stroller, can get in our schoolroom right now! That is my next big project!!!

I want to thank the few friends that have stuck by me during these last 10 months with Kaedy in the hospital and now that she is out. I seem to have lost a two whole groups of friends somewhere along the way, but it is so nice to have people that really care including some wonderful new friends at my church that we made during this time, as well. (Speaking of church, I have been going there a whole year now!!! YEAH!!)

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NeeCee said...

I am so sorry you have lost friends during this time. I know how much that can hurt. ((big hugs)) You will always be special to me!