Saturday, January 03, 2009

The swing of things

Well, I am trying to spend today getting back in the swing of things. Trying to plan out our next few months in general, the next month in particular. I am really having trouble getting my brain to work in the right way. For some reason, it is almost actually hurting trying to think of this stuff. I must be severely out of practice! I can usually whip up a month of school plans in no time. It is usually something I enjoy, which is why I don't usually buy prepackaged curriculum. However, this time I am having some problems getting going.

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Mica said...

hey, just stopping by to say hello, I was thinking of you....I left Facebook due to some personal family issues but wanted you to know I stop by here and hope to see ya blogging more. Hope things are well with you. God Bless dear !!! Hugs, Mica