Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Babette Frustration

I didn't like the way my babette was looking. I decided it needed to be blocked. I took it all apart.
and blocked it the other night, all nice and pretty, using rulers and even a yard stick. You would think it would be PERFECT, right?

So I go to stitch parts one and two together and they don't add up right?!?!?! ARGH. I put it aside for a few days. I am too disgruntled to try to work on it right now.


Karen said...

Every time I look at this I wonder how you are going to put it together...it seems complicated. I hope you figure it out!

A. said...

I'm sorry it's turning into frustration!

I don't really make sure each stitch matches when I join my blocks. I just make sure it will all come out on the other end.

Heather said...

Oops! The comment by "A." is me. I didn't realize that this was still signed in to Abby's email. lol

KimT said...

probably a wise move. I am sure it will turn out great.