Saturday, January 24, 2009

My nativity Collection

I love nativities. I have always loved them! I have kept one out in my living room since I have had my own house. I hate putting them away at Christmas time. I wanted to show off some of my collection:

(I apologize for the picture quality, I had to use my phone, we were out of batteries for our camera)

I got this blanket from Brandi for Christmas a few years ago. I love it! I put it on a wall this year to properly show it off. It is large, taking up the space underneath my stairway. (a perfect place so everyone can see it when they come in!)

These are also from Brandi. They are AMAZING! They are carved into wood -- very intricately with the outside ornament (an angel or star) and then the nativity in the center. The colors are beautiful and they are my favorite ornaments! The star is purple, too, which makes it even more special. :-) They are Jim Shore Designs. You can see more here. I love his style!

This is from Alaska! Sherria got it for me while she was there. It is just precious...very teeny. The baby Jesus is just larger than a grain of rice!

This is actually Brittany's. She gets a Snow Baby from me every year. I had to get her this one because it is a nativity. :-)

This one I bought at Hobby Lobby this year before Christmas. They were having a sale and I just loved it. It is rather large, taking up about 1/2 of our Mantle. I am keeping it out all year on top of one of my bookcases.

This is a sweet little nativity that my mom gave me this year. She was worried she wouldn't be able to get my Christmas present to me in time. (it did get to me in time)

This is obviously not my set! My set is packed away in boxes awaiting our (???) move. My mom got me part of the set last year (Mary, Joseph, Jesus, some animals and a shepherd) and this year she sent me the three wise men. I love this nativity! I have a shelf that I keep it out on all year long (except, of course, when it is packed up!) I also collect regular Willow Tree pieces and you can see them here.

I have a few other ones, including the very first one I owned, but they are packed away. I also have a snow globe with a nativity in it. (funny if you think about it)

Thanks for looking at my Nativities!


Daniele said...

So very beautiful and what a great collection! I love precious moments and have a ton of them. One of my favorites is my nativity one, it is so adorable.

Susan said...

These are all lovely and outstanding. I especially like the carved one's Brandi sent you.