Monday, January 12, 2009

Bible Reading Plan

Every few years I read the whole Bible through again. The other years I usually do topical studies. This year is another year of reading the Bible through. I have done different methods: cover to cover, in chronological order, inductive method, reading a different type of book each day (ie The Law, History, Psalms, etc). This year I am not reading it in any certain order but, since I got a new Bible last year, I am using the inductive method to read it and make my notations. I usually have a chart on the inside cover of my Bible where I can track my progress. I cannot find the original chart that I used and loved so much, but found this one, which will work fine: 52 Week Bible Reading Plan. I am not using it in the order that it is listed, but I am marking off each book/section as I read it. When the whole thing is checkmarked, I am done! What is nice about this one is it is all on one page, so I just fold it over and tape it to my front cover in my Bible and I always can find it easily!


NeeCee said...

Before I begin, I pray and ask which book He wants me to read. Once I read the book entirely, I make a notation in the Index section and begin the process again.

I'm not sure what system you would call it. Maybe the obedience system? LOL Anyway, it works for me.

Susan said...

In our current reading the Bible through we are using The Amplified version. We are in Jeremiah and God has REALLY been speaking to us about The Remnant. So wonderful that no matter how many times we've read it, He continues to show us new we are ready!!!

Daniele said...

We are also reading the Bible through this year as well. We are following a little plan mapped out by Doug's uncle's church, he is the senior pastor at Will Roger's United Methodist. The website is The have it mapped out of which chapters to read day by day for each month, you skip around some but I love it.