Thursday, February 07, 2008

Emily's "funnies"?

I forgot to tell y'all about Emily's lovely comments to me a few weeks ago. And these all happened in the space of 30 minutes!!!! (my comments are in the purple)

1. Your hair looks like you have a demon.
(and you have seen lots of demon possessed hair?)

2. When you tie my shoes like this I feel like you are my maid.
(and when I pick up after you all day, I feel like that too)

3. uh oh, I forgot the 3rd one. Maybe that is better..... for her, I mean! LOL

Okay, but I got her back.... unintentionally, but it was still good....

We were eating corn on the cob and she had just lost her two upper canines. She was having trouble eating it and said it was hurting her mouth. I asked her "Do you want me to cut it off?" And there was dead silence while her eyes got absolutely huge. This was when I realized she thought I meant cut her mouth off! ROFL! I quickly explained I just meant the corn. But at least I got her back for a minute...muwhahaha..


The Zandi Zoo said...


Annie said...

How funny!!!
I love the things these girls come up with!

Amelia Antwiler said...

The Professor would have offered the use of his pocket knife - and he might have offered to pull the rest of the teeth, too. *LOL*

Doodlebug said...


Don't forget to post about the give away in order to qualify! Good Luck! :)

Susan said...

Loved these. She is getting so big and cute!!!