Monday, February 11, 2008

At least she's got aspirations....

Here's my latest installment in "Stories of my cute kids"

Yesterday we got Kaedra all ready for church including the (seldom used) coat which thrilled her to no end. She was off of her vent to walk into the garage and get in the car. However she decided on an alternate route. Oh she did walk into the garage and then bypassed the car and continued down the driveway. I watched her, slightly bemused, until she kept going INTO THE STREET. I have a medium long driveway, so I start yelling and running and she just turns around looking at me. I get over there, pick her up and ask her what she was doing.
"No, we're going to church..."
"Yeah (giving me a "DUH" look), me walk to church."
"well, that's all fine and dandy, but it's below freezing out here and I really think we should take the car."
"me walk"
By this time I was just laughing so hard that she started laughing and I got her in the car without further ado. (thank goodness. I could handle no more ado yesterday)

Soooooo, then we get OUT of church. She is once again off of her vent to walk to the car. We get outside and are walking towards the car when she starts turning in circles and asking "moon? moon?" I show her where the moon is and she gets VERY excited. In fact, so much so that she starts walking in that direction. I asked her "where are you going?" I got another "Duh" look and she said in her best teenage voice "to da moon!"

Well, of course....

(ps. I am adding this to Tiny Talk Tuesday which I just discovered thanks to a new commenter, Mighty Mom! Thanks MM! Go check out Not Before 7 to see other Tiny Talk Tuesday participants!


The Zandi Zoo said...

Lol..Kahri, there is no stopping that little girl now!

A&EMom said...

A girl's gotta have goals!

Annie said...

That is so cute!!!

Brittany said...

I want to go to the moon, can you ask Kaedra if she has a map I can barrow!

MightyMom said...

and who wouldn't want to walk to the moon??

~Ang said...

To da moon! Priceless.

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

Cute! Cute!

Happy TTT!

Susan said...

I guess coat = walk and if you're going to walk, why not the moon!!!

Yes, please use the umbrella analogy.

Sherria said...

I love your new signature for your blogs! Very perty!