Thursday, February 07, 2008

Doodlebug Designs

Doodlebug Designs is new the the Blog Design business and she is giving away some really awesome prizes!!

1st Place Prize ~ FREE completely customized blog design for a blogger blog!

2nd Place Prize ~ FREE completely customized header for a blogger blog!

3rd Place Prize ~ 10% off any service!

Go to her page and check her new designs out!!

This one is one of my favorites.


Doodlebug said...

Thanks! Good luck! ;)

Jenni said...

Hey there Kahri,

Thanks so much for coming out of lurkdom to comment on my blog! I am always so delighted to "meet" someone who has been reading for a while...I'm so blessed that you find my words worth the time.

And you're a fellow Okie! Too cool.

Jenni (One Thing)

Chavaneth said...

ok i'm a mess. please tell me how i am supposed to post doodlebug's button on my site? i tried to copy yours - did not work - i dont see it on her site anywhere?!!? HELP!