Monday, February 04, 2008

Getaway ideas?

Michael and I are actually going on a 2 day getaway in March to celebrate our anniversary. We are trying to come up with ideas of where to go. We would like to stay in a *nice* hotel (willing to spend a little extra here). The only things I really want to do are go to a movie and go to a nice dinner (I know, I am pathetic…lol..but it is the simple things that make me happy ;-).

Now we just need to decide where to go. I didn’t even mind staying in town, but I don’t think Michael thinks that would be as much fun as getting away. He has put a vote in for Dallas. We looked into Eureka Springs (we looooove going there) but didn’t find any hotels that really were what we wanted. Soooo, I am asking you all….where would you go for a 2 day getaway with your hubby? Do you know of any really nice hotels? Any great touristy type places? It does need to be near enough we could drive from the Tulsa area.

Thanks so much!


Annie said...

What about San Antonio? You could stay right on the riverwalk and go to seaworld...
I've heard a lot of good things about it.

Susan said...

I linked to both your blog and Kaedy's story today. Wanted to give you a head's up!!!

What about St. Louis and visit the Arch or even Kansas City is nice and not too far.

The Zandi Zoo said...

I was thinking Southern California, but not sure about the drive. It might be a little longer than you were wanting. ;-) We do have Disneyland and a super cool Aquarium. Oh, and the Zandi Zoo is located in the Long Beach area. I hear it is a great Zoo to visit.. lots of cute little monkeys. ;-)

(it was worth a try.. lol)