Sunday, November 19, 2006

We're Baaaaaack!

We are back from Kansas City. Kaedra's surgeries went well...the tubes went in her ears with no problems and her rods were each expanded one notch, making her approximately 1cm taller (at least on one side). She was in ICU for almost exactly 23 hours and we were let go straight from there. Hopefully next time she won't have to go to ICU at all. (she was just in there since she is a "vent baby.") She was feeling great within 4 hours of the surgery and would have been up and running around except they had IVs in both of her feet, so she had to be confined to our laps or the crib. She wasn't too thrilled with that, but she was more patient than I expected. They gave her pain meds for the trip home, so she slept most of the 4 hours. She was thrilled to be home again, especially to see Emily who she repeatedly hugged and kissed for about 30 minutes. (to the delight of Emily, of course, who was just happy not to be getting hit!)

The trip went well, no problems. The Ronald McDonald house was very nice and such a blessing. They are definitely our charity of choice now, especially after having used their services. I will probably blog an entire blog just on that, so I'll leave more info for then.

Thanks for the prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are home and that everything went well! You were missed! :-)