Friday, November 10, 2006

New way to teach long division

Britty has been struggling with long division for 2 years. She is really good at math, but gets very confused when it comes to long division! It is frustrating for both of us. I decided to take a few days off of "regular" math and just spend time on division. I researched a different way to teach it, and I found a COMPLETELY different way - one that she likes and it works great!!! It takes all the guess work out of the equation (lol) and that is the main thing that was causing Britty problems.

The new way is called Double Division.
Here is the web site

Check it out! I am even using it, now, although I can do some of the steps in my head, so it doesn't take quite so much paper or time. :-) Britty will probably be able to do more in her head, soon, as soon as she gets the hang of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kahri,
I found you over at the double-division website. Isn't it great? It was a life-saver for us! My previously math-hating daughter now says math is her favorite subject, and her favorite math activity is, of all things, the dreaded division problem, big smiley.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this Double Division method with the rest of us! My 11 year old son, who has dyslexia and has been in resource math for many years, brought home his first math homework for this year. He said he didn't work on "long division" last year and was clueless and in a bit of a panic last night. I googled "how to easily teach long division" and your blog was the first to come up. I clicked on the link and our math lives have been changed forever!! Honestly!! Because of the complexities of his dyslexia, he has had a hard time learning his multiplication tables (no rhyme or reason for those numbers in that order, etc.). But with Double Division he doesn't need to know multiplication at all! Isn't that cool?? He caught on to the method within about 2 or 3 problems and was basically on his own for the rest of the assignment.

Thank you once again for sharing something so simple on your blog that was able to help someone else who was in need. Bless you!

Shannon S. - Brigham City, Utah

Six In The Northwest said...

Anxious to try this with my dyslexic 10yo who has been struggling with long division for the last couple of weeks. She can skip count great...compliments of 100 Sheep Skip Counting Songs...but just can't keep the procedure in her mind, even with a 'guide' in front of her. I was at a loss as we think through things so differently. Hoping this will provide a breakthrough.