Friday, November 03, 2006


We've had an eventful few weeks, here are some updates:

Kaedra updates:
1. She is off of her vent almost every day, almost for the entire time she is awake. She seems to have "off" days every once in awhile, where she won't come off as well, but on the whole, she is usually off.
2. Because of the above, she has been very busy finding all the non-child-proofed areas of the house.
3. She grabbed a curling iron and burnt her hand last Friday night while we were getting ready for a Hallelujah party. The girls went to the Hallelujah party (thanks to Ria!) but Michael and I stayed home with Kaedra and her hand hurt her all night long. :-( She was MUCH better after about 24 hours.
4. She is actually putting food in her mouth. She started having her own plate again (for awhile she would just throw her plate on the ground) the night Ashton brought dinner and she wanted her own fork to go with it. She speared her food that night and was so proud of herself. Since then, she has been putting food in her mouth and tasting it. She really seems to like ketchup and ranch! LOL. Anyway, it is GREAT progress for us, we just need her to chew and swallow now!
5. Her talking is taking off by leaps and bounds! We have been working to get her to transition from sign language to the spoken word and she is learning more everyday. We are working with her speech therapist, and we are going to be doing a program called "Target Words" (I think that's what it is called).
6. Her 2nd birthday is Monday! I can't believe she is already 2! She is acting like a toddler more and more everyday. She is such a little girl! She loves to run up to Daddy when he gets home and yell, "Daddy!" and he picks her up and she hugs him. It is the cutest thing!!
7. Her surgery is in Kansas City on November 17th. We need to be there the 15th for doctor appointments. She is scheduled to have her ribs expanded and tubes put in her ears. They are considering it day surgery so she will be released from the hospital 23 hours after her surgery.
8. We heard a rumor that they are doing the rib surgeries in Oklahoma City now!! This would be WONDERFUL for us! We are doing some more checking into it, although we will obviously still be going to KC for the upcoming surgery.
9. One of our nurses left for a better job, so we are without nursing on Wednesday and Sunday nights now. My first time "working" it was this Wednesday and it didn't go too well. (and neither did our Thursday day, as I was a walking zombie) Prayers there would be much appreciated! I have commissioned my angels to go and get nurses for Kaedra, so I am expecting a call from the nursing agency at any moment saying they have one or two!
10.Kaedra had her first haircut yesterday...Ashton came and did it. I will post pics on a separate post.

Brittany updates:
1. Brittany is going on a mission trip in July! She is so excited! It is an 8 day trip to Nuevo Laredo and they will be putting on a VBS for the children down there. She has wanted to go on a mission trip for years and she is finally old enough! (and this is our church's first kids' trip anyway) I wish I could go with her, but with the new baby and Kaedra still needing mommy, this year won't be the one I chaperone. On the way home, they will be stopping in San Antonio and going to Six Flags.
2. She is such a sweet, wonderful, smart, funny young lady. I can't believe how much she has grown up. The two of us together - we end up laughing and laughing and having such a great time. We went on a date a few weeks ago to buy her new clothes and it was sooo much fun! And she is a big help around the house, too, and with Kaedra. In fact, besides Michael, Sherria and myself, she is the only one who can fully take care of Kaedra. (well I am not counting the nurses!)

Emily updates:
1. hmmmmmm not much to update with Emily. Her personality is showing more and more and she has tendencies of a drama queen. We are working hard to curb those. Anyone have any ideas? I have never had a child like that, so I am unsure what to do (besides pray!)
2. She is doing kindergarten, but not very regularly. It is a good thing we homeschool, because she is not ready for a sit down and listen kind of day yet. She needs a little more freedom in her day, which works well with being at home. She is doing fairly well with her reading, but she is just not all that interested in learning yet. I hate to stop reading to her, but maybe she needs incentive? LOL.
3. On the positive side, she is very sweet and cuddly and loves one on one time. And, as long as Kaedra is not beating up on her, they play well together and that takes up most of their days.

Ethan updates:
1. no updates on Ethan! But there hasn't been anymore spotting or cramping, so that is great! I am just thanking God that sickness has been taken away from the midst of me. Hallelujah!

Michael updates:
1. The silly retail season has started, so I see my hubby less and less all the time. His store is doing great, though! Drug Warehouse closed across the street from him and his store bought all those prescriptions. He has seen a HUGE increase in profit since they closed and they are talking about his store going 24 hours. He wishes they wouldn't, because it will affect our bonus, but once it got going, it could do really well.
2. Of course he is THRILLED about having a boy! I had to laugh because last night he asked when we were going to put Ethan in school so he could play football. (sound familiar, Alison?) I told him Ethan could play for the Jaguars (a homeschool team) but he said he wants him to play for the "big" schools! LOL. He was just joking with me, so it was very cute.
3. His boss is going to let him have Friday & Saturday off of the week of the surgery! I will have to go up for a few days without him, but he can come up Thursday night. HALLELUJAH! Thank you Lord!!

Kahri updates:
1. hmmmmmm any updates with me? I don't think so! Besides everything that is affecting everyone else and mentioned above, my life is the same, I guess. I don't want to "trip on my lip" so I have to be careful what I say! I will just say, "I am an overcomer by the words of my mouth and the Blood of the Lamb." I got to go back to church last Sunday and I was soo happy to hear the Word and be among all the great folks at church! It was definitely uplifting. :-)

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