Friday, November 24, 2006

Ronald McDonald House

Well one of the things I was thankful for this season was the Ronald McDonald House, so I can use that as my Thanksgiving post. ;-)

The Kansas City RMH is very very nice. It borders on amazing. I was not expecting anything like it. It is a cross between an apartment building and a dorm. We had a large room with two double beds (the kind that you can "dial" your sleep comfort level), a desk, a rocking chair (Thank you Lord!!!! (I specifically asked Him for one!)) and a nice sized bathroom. We were on the third floor, which also had a shared small sitting area where you could play games or do a puzzle.

On the first floor there was a large kitchen with 4 different work station areas - each with a sink, dishwasher, stove, oven, toaster and microwave. There were two large refrigerators and a huge pantry that were all fully stocked. You are invited to use any of the food to make whatever you want, whenever you want. They also have different charities that come in every night and make dinner for everyone. They also had two large grills on the patio that you were free to use. (they also had private pantries for each room where you could keep your own food and refrigerators to keep personal food)

They have a living room area with a TV, 4 computers, and tables to play games on. They had a few sitting areas where you could chat with people, if you wanted. On the basement level, they had a ping pong table, fussball, pool, a workout room, crafts, a large toy area, another TV with kids videos and laundry facilities, if you needed them.

It is a very secure are only allowed in and out with a special computer coded key and noone is allowed to walk around without a special hospital-style band that you can't take off until you leave. It is also very clean and well kept. It is really a very, very nice facility.

However, one of my most favorite parts of the Ronald McDonald house was the Ronald Mcdonald Living Room in the hospital itself. When Kaedra was in surgery we were invited to go into the "living room" which was a series of rooms and a kitchen which were set up like a nice house. (it sort of reminded me of a nursing home) There was a TV in the main room and a small table in the kitchen. People cooked meals at lunchtime and dinnertime for the people waiting there and they also had a small frig and stocked pantry as well. There were a few small rooms that you could use to nap in between 11am and 5pm and for overnights in between 7pm and 9am. I used the rooms for both purposes! They let you use the rooms on an "as needed" basis overnight and they determine how important it is for you to be there, before they determine who gets the rooms. I just barely eeked in because Kaedy was doing so well!

Anyway, Michael and I were so grateful for the RMH and the RM Living Room and all they did for us. It is a WONDERFUL charity and it was such a blessing for us. It was so nice not to have to worry about where we would stay and what we would eat for the whole time. What a weight off our minds! They do ask for a small donation ($10) per night, but wow! do you get your money's worth! We are collecting pop tops for them, if you could, please save your pop tops and give them to us, we will get them all to them! (we were already doing this through 4H, but now we are REALLY on a mission!) Thank you so much!!

Here is a link to the opening of the KC RMH

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