Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Home improvements!

(ARGH As a side note, I keep trying to post here but it hasn't been letting me put up pictures!!! Today I can't get into myspace but I can get on here, what is up???)

Anyway, we have been doing some home improvement projects around here. I installed a new fan in Kaedy's room, installed a fan in the den (see pics below), installed a gate on our stairs and put together a new smoker for Michael. (Now he can smoke meat at home! WOOHOO!) We are done for awhile....whew. I think my drill needs a break, anyway!

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The Zandi Zoo said...

Can she fix it? Yes, she can!!!

Way to go! Hey, the top pic looks a bit like our den, but that isn't a home improvement. lol. Wanna come over and fix it?? ;-)