Thursday, August 24, 2006

Great Book

I just finished reading a novel suggested by a lady at church. The book was called The List and it is by Robert Whitlow. Mr. Whitlow is a lawyer from the South and his books are a combination of Frank Peretti and John Grisham (both authors that I love).

This book is about a covenant that was entered into during the Civil War by several families. The list was the list of families involved in the covenant. The families each contributed gold to a fund that was sent overseas and earned compound interest over all these years. The information about the list is passed on from first born son to first born son. The protagonist of the novel, Renny, is in the lineage to inherit a share in the list. The book is not only about the list and its legal ramifications and issues, but, more importantly, it is about Renny's relationship with God.

What I especially like about the book is firstly, that the author is obviously spirit-filled and secondly, it is about spiritual warfare. The book is being made into a movie which will come out in 2007: The List-The Movie.

I do have to warn, I bawled through half of the book (pregnancy hormones, I am sure) and I also lost almost a whole day of my time reading the book. Once I got into it, I couldn't put it down. Although the lawyer jargon may be a bit much for her, I have given the book to Britty to read next. I think she will like the spiritual components of it and the love story. I am definitely going to read more Robert Whitlow, but I plan on saving his books for Saturdays. :-)

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