Monday, August 28, 2006

Baby boy names

Well if we have one baby boy we will probably name it Phil Layton Lynn the second. However, if we happen to have twins, we will not use that name for one of the twins. Here are the names that Michael and I have agreed on. We haven't picked middle names out for them yet, although they will probably be combinations of the ones listed. Be sure to vote in the comment section for your favorites! (not that we will pay attention, but it is fun to know what others think! LOL)

Seagar, Seager
Hayden, Haden

Just as a side note we are naming a girl (if we have one) Samantha Annalise. Annalise is from my mom's middle name: Ann, and one of my dad's middle names: Alois. (we haven't even broached the subject of what we will do if we are having twin girls....I think Michael will FREAK!! LOL)

UPDATE: I just asked Michael what he would do if we had twin girls. Michael just said I can pack a bag for him and he is going to go to Vinita (the psych hospital) and we can come visit him every other Saturday! ROFL


NeeCee said...

When will you find out if you are having one or two? I like Hayden and Ryland.

Melanie said...

Well, I'm especially found of Dylan no matter how it is spelled! (wink) But I have to agree with neecee.. Hayden and Ryland are my faves! So what's up with the twins? Is this a possibility? I haven't heard about this development! How fun!

Sherria said...

I like Dylan, Hayden and Ryland

Anonymous said...

I like Dylan, Hayden, and Hunter. I have another friend with a son named Hayden!