Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Fifteen

Fifteen things I am happy about!

1. It rained last night and the weather is cooler! WOOHOO!!!
2. It stopped raining today so the girls can still go to Big Splash with their friends.
3. My pool is blue!! And swimmable!!
4. We are getting a handle on our laundry issue.
5. Brittany is done with 5th grade.
6. We are starting new curriculum. (I was ready for a change)
7. I got a new CD in the mail yesterday from Brandi-- Mute Math. WOOHOO
8. I get a day to plan school today.
9. Did I mention it is cooler today? It is only 80 degrees right now!! YEAH!! (that is 31 degrees less than yesterday's high)
10. Good friends
11. Kaedra is laughing up a storm at the moment...for no conceivable reason!
12. We organized and cleared out Kaedy's toys so her room is more manageable.
13. We have such a great church.
14. Every day I am being more and more refined.
15. and the thing I am happiest about?? Kaedra is healed and whole and has all her ribs and doesn't need the vent or the G-Tube. HALLELUJAH! GLORY BE TO GOD!


NeeCee said...

Oh, can I add a 16th?

16. God is sending a healthy, happy, peaceful baby with an easy pregnancy and a speedy delivery!

The Zandi Zoo said...

HALLELUJAH!!! We are praising for ALL of this alongside you!!! God is SOOOO Good!!