Thursday, February 09, 2006

Trying not to "crash" again!

Tonight I am having an Usborne Party at my house. Just my homeschool group. I didn't think I was going to sell Usborne anymore (because nobody has bought in about a year) but at the recent seminar my friends mentioned it during their speech, so I did get some "bites." I am having tonight's party to see if there is still enough interest to sell. I spend about $20 every 6 months to keep my business running and if I am not making any money, there isn't any point! I am really not interested in a busy party schedule so I have to rely on word of mouth for me to sell. And repeat customers! I am going to make yummy gooey brownies and some other snacks and I am just excited to have my friends over! LOL. As you can see, selling isn't my forte!

Renee (one of our nurses) is training a new nurse tomorrow. The new nurse has a patient in the hospital, so she will not be working here regularly...she will just be here when her patient doesn't need her and as a backup for our nurses. She is going to be working this Saturday, which will probably be actually more of a training session than a free day for me! LOL I wish I could move our nursing hours around the way I want them. I would love to have nursing care ALL day Sunday (so Michael and I could both go to church), ALL day Wednesday (so I could do school in the morning and still go to church at night) and have Friday and Saturday without daytime nursing. Maybe just a nurse coming in earlier on Friday and Saturday nights. Okay, scrap the whole idea, I just want her off the vent!!!! That would make it SOOO much easier. But we would have to keep Linda and Tarry...Linda because we adopted her into the family and Tarry because she quit her job to come help us and I like seeing her so much. So we will keep them, somehow!

Speaking of Tarry, she lent me a spelling book by Mcgraw Hill that looks really good. Brittany is perusing it right now. (yes, I did well on the vocabulary part of the ACT) I am praying about using that or Sequential Spelling or Spelling Power. Brittany just decided she wants to try the McGraw Hill book, but I am still praying. Well, not at the moment...but in general. ;-)

I had BIIIIG plans for everything I was going to get done today. ROFL I was going to do a "crash laundry" day and I ran out of detergent. I was going to do a "crash freezer cooking day" and Michael asked me to wait until he could be here too, to help. (awwwwwwww) I was going to do a "crash scheduling day" and I crashed. I REALLY needed that nap though. :-) I stayed up WAAAY too late last night reading. Remind me not to do that again. Read, I mean. I always get caught up in books! LOL. Some people have their soap operas (although I don't personally know any), some have their Survivor (are you reading this Denise????), some people have their wrestling (yes, honey, I am talking about you) but I have my books....aaaaah, my books. Just thinking about reading makes me dreamy. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz No wait, that is lack of sleep.

Okay, off to get ready for my party and find caffeine. heeheehee

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