Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kaedra's baby steps!

YES!! They happened!! Superbowl Sunday Kaedy took a step toward me, while I was holding her hands and Linda was giving her a little support. Michael came to see her do it and she did it again for him!! Yesterday, she was walking towards Michael while I was giving her support and she took about 4-5 steps!! WOOHOO!!! And last night she did it again with Tonya. We are so pleased and thrilled and we thank the Lord for her baby steps!!! :-)

Also on Superbowl Sunday, she put a cheeto in her mouth. (she does not usually put food in her own mouth). We could tell she got a little bite of it because she kept rolling it around in her mouth. Later that night, she put her hand in my Dr. Pepper and licked it off. Then she put it in and offered it to me to lick off! LOL. These are huge strides in her development...usually she is totally against food and it never gets near her mouth. We are so thrilled that she is venturing out.

She is talking more and trying to put words together. Last night she said "Hi Daddy" over and over. She still hasn't said "Mommy" but I know it is around the corner. I am not worried that she will go to college, still not saying Mommy!! LOL. We worked on a lot of signs last night. She really enjoys learning Baby signs and is very attentive when I am using them. She is not using as many as she has in the past, but she does recognize them and react to them.

We are still due to go to San Antonio for surgery on March 21st. We are on the waiting list, though, in case they have an opening. I can't wait for her to have it done. She definitely needs it. I am almost ready to get the 3T clothes out for her...she is getting SOOO big. And she is only 15 months old!!!!

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Heather said...

Congrats Kaedy!!!!!