Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wild Child and getting ready for Christmas

Kaedra is WILD right now!!! WILD! This started yesterday. She had been feeling bad for about a week and we finally went to the doctor on Wednesday to find out that she had an ear infection in both ears. He gave her an antibiotic and within two doses, she was already a brand new baby! She even felt like sitting up, smiling and kissing. Then, yesterday afternoon, she turned into WILD baby. Throwing everything, grabbing everything, pulling on hair (hers and others), pulling on her cords and her circuits, banging things together...just general mayhem. She is usually sweet and cuddly and soft, but she is getting a new side to her personality now. This very playful and ornery side! At least she is feeling better!!!

Brittany and I are home alone with Kaedy right now. My parents took Emily to the Annual Broken Arrow Christmas parade. While they were watching, one of our friends saw Emily and whisked her up and onto a float with some other friends. Now my parents are Emily-less!! They have to go find the float after the parade and retrieve her. LOL.

Linda called in sick yesterday (I think she got sick from Kaedy) so I had Kaedy myself and I had our new nurse, Renee, to train as well. Renee did very well and just had a few times she was nervous. All in all, I think she will work out fine. It ends up that she will not be working on Saturdays at all. Saturdays are her Sabbath (just like Linda). I am not sure, why, though, since she is Catholic. Oh well. Also, she calls herself a spirit-filled Catholic and she sure doesn't talk like a Catholic.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. The girls put all of our decorations out yesterday while I was taking care of Kaedy. My dad was nice enough to get the boxes down, out of the attic. We are going to put up the tree today. I don't really know when, since we have Kaedy today, too, unless she is feeling well enough to go into the other room.

Tomorrow is church...YEAH!!! I missed it on Wednesday night because Michael had to work late. My parents were both here, but they have no idea how to take care of Kaedy, so I couldn't go. Tomorrow morning I am going to go and hopefully tomorrow night as well!! WOOHOO!! I am so excited that we have church on Christmas this year. What a WONDERFUL way to spend Christmas. I am hoping maybe I can take Kaedy to church that day, too.

I am going to be part of my homeschool group's Cookie Exchange again this year. I LOVE it. It is so much fun, and such a great holiday event. It is one of my favorite holiday events. There are 12 ladies and we each make 12 dozen cookies. We bring them to the party location in special containers. The cookies, containers and the big container we take them home in are not labeled with our names. We each vote on the best tasting cookie, the prettiest cookie, the prettiest container, the prettiest take-home container, the best dressed lady and a few other things. Then we all have prizes that we get. Everyone ends up going home with some prize. The person who gets the most votes overall gets to be "Martha" of that year. I was "Martha" two years ago. This year the ladies were so sweet, they made a special effort to invite me and I was THRILLED. I am SOOO excited. I had picked out my container over the summer, now I just need to make them. I don't know what kind of cookies I am going to make, but it will be something easy. I am determined not to stress about it and to just have a good time! :-)

Okay, back to life...gotta go try to tame the wild child, spend some quality time with Britty and prepare for my parents coming back.


NeeCee said...

This year, I am not stressing over the Cookie exchange. I'm going to have a blast and be with my friends. I have no clue about my container yet, but I do have my cookie picked out. I have nothing to wear, but I'm not stressing about that either.

I'm so excited that you are going to be there!!!

Melanie said...

Yeah! I'm so happy you will be at the cookie exchange. Unlike NeeCee, I am going all out this year.. with a theme and everything.. even decoupage... the containers, not the cookies! Don't let your puppy eat all your cookie dough this year! Although that was too funny!