Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Things to do this week

Tomorrow I am having some sweet friends over for dinner and we are having a traditional "New Mexican dinner." (They are from NM too!) I am cooking tamales, posole, frijoles, calabacitas, tortillas and sopapillas. Susan is bringing flan over for dessert. I am making tamales today. Sherria is going to help me and we are going to cut the recipe in half and only make 5 dozen. It is great to have them in the freezer ready for whenever we are hungry! I cooked the pork meat all last night and the house smells delicious!!!!! Now I am going to let it cool until 'Ria gets here.

Most people are taking their trees and decorations down this week, but we are going to keep them up until at least the 6th of January (traditionally the 12th day of Christmas.)

We do need to write thank you notes this week, get all the way caught up on laundry, get chore charts done, write bills, work on seminar, send an update and pictures of Kaedra and put Christmas presents away.

Some praises:
Emily slept in her own room last night!!! WOOHOO!! That is her first time in years. I did stay in ther until she fell asleep, but I will be weaning her back on that.

My cold is going away and I can breathe through my mouth for the first time in weeks!!!

The girls have been doing much better on their chores.

Kaedra went down to 12 breaths a minute and tolerated it wonderfully! I also lowered her oxygen and she is doing great with that!

Kaedy has her four molars already cut through!! She has her first two teeth on top and bottom and then her four molars. I have never heard of that.

Brittany loves her Nancy Drew software I found for her online for Christmas!

Kaedy is able to support herself standing (by holding on to something) and is able to roll over to her tummy and move herself around. Not exactly crawling, but at least an effort! :-)

Okay, bye for now!

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NeeCee said...

Oh, I'm on my way. I'm inviting myself to dinner. TeeHee.

My girls got a Nancy Drew computer game too!!! They got "Treasure in the Royal Tower."