Friday, December 16, 2005

Never back down from a challenge

I collected elephants for most of my life. From sometime in elementary school when everyone had something to collect and my friends asked what I collected and I had no idea but I really liked Snuffleupagus so I said "elephants!" Little did I know HOW many elephants I would end up with. And NOT ONE, NOT ONE....NOT EVEN ONE EVER looked like Aloysius Snuffleupagus. What kind of luck is that???? If I had gotten JUST ONE Snuffleupagus, maybe I would have kept collecting. I decided about 4 years ago that I couldn't handle ANOTHER non-Snuffleupagus elephant. I asked everyone to stop, and thankfully, we are free from elephants at the moment. In fact, if you check ebay in a month or so, you can start seeing my collection. ;-)

And, speaking of the Muppets, Steve, the guy from church that built our wheelchair ramp, said that Muppets in outer space is the best Muppet movie. I don't remember if I have seen it or not, but if My kids keep want to try any other Muppet movies I think I will get them that one!

I have Colby and Daniel today while the rest of the boys are at a play dress rehearsal. Kaedy loves having all the little ones over playing with her. I have a PRAISE! While writing this, I went in to help Renee with feeding Kaedy and Renee suggested trying Kaedy with a bottle again. We tried her and she did take a few sucks!! WOOHOO!!! I know this is late to start bottle feeding, but if she got down the idea of bottle feeding, maybe feeding her solid food would be easier! :-)

Okay, ta ta for now....I will check in later!

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