Thursday, December 15, 2005

How come I am always "talking" to my blog during the day, but when I sit down to write, I can't think of anything to write????

Well, for one thing, I went to torture, um, I mean physical therapy on Monday morning. It was AWFUL. My foot felt like a watermelon on fire for almost 24 hours after that. It is JUST starting to feel better and I have torture again tomorrow morning. I did not do any of the exercises he sent home with me. I could barely move my foot, much less exercise it!! As I was leaving, he hadn't given me an appt for another visit and I was SOOOOOO tempted to just leave without making one. But then I realized that I couldn't go back to the dr and tell him it was hurting...he would ask why I wasn't going to physical therapy. SO, I ended up asking for another appt. ARGH. Please torture really, please. I am hoping since he didn't schedule me until Thursday that he is only going to have me go twice a week instead of 3 times a week. I am just claiming a complete healing...I don't need to be having ANY of this pain because I am redeemed from it by Jesus' blood. I don't need any more torture....Jesus was tortured for me and specifically for my foot and it's pain. I am so glad I am healed!!

Tonight was an AWESOME sermon by a member of our congregation - Ben. He taught about Isaac and Rebekah's beginning and how it was an allegory of the Holy Spirit and the church. It was wonderful and opened my eyes to things I have never seen in that story. He is moving down to South Texas to follow a call from God. I am so excited for him, although we will miss him playing the organ, teasing pastor, and preaching.

I am looking for a devotional for Britty. I want a spirit filled one. She just finished a great one, but I want to keep on going!! Anyone have any good ideas?? A friend suggested Kenneth Copeland's teen devotional - Extreme, which is fine, but it is out of stock everywhere until January and I want to give her one for Christmas!! Anyone, anyone??

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