Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cookie Monster

I am FURIOUS!!!!
She did it again!!!!
I realize I have some culpability here, but I still can't believe her!
We made 3 kinds yesterday....
I can't say what kinds, because one of them is our cookie exchange cookie.
But we made about 8 dozen cookies and there are 4 left.
not 4 dozen.
4 cookies.

f o u r

1 2 3 4



Those of you who know me well know which "she" I am talking about.
She is infamous for this.
So you would think I would know better.
I tried to put them out of her reach.
I told her no.
I caught her once and she got in trouble and then I put them somewhere else, where she couldn't get them.
She must have half climbed on the counter to reach these.
AND they were in a big bowl.

Bad bad dog....


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Melanie said...

I can't believe she did it again.. The funny thing is, I only had to read the first two lines of your blog to know exactly what happned! Think of it this way.. It's tradition. And on the bright side, You did very well the first year she did it.. I think you got the Martha award that year! This could be a very good sign!