Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yesterday we started packing our house up.  I have to say this is the thing that has gotten me most excited....even more excited than hearing that we were going home.  Going home seemed like such an illusive thing, especially since it concerns Sam's.....nuff said on that matter.  But now that we've given the landlord our notice (we will be out of here by July 31st at the latest) and started packing, it is really getting real.

I don't want you to think I don't like it here. I love Oklahoma City: it is beautiful, we have done lots of exploring, our family has learned a lot about ourselves, and we met some wonderful friends.  I will miss everything, especially our friends.  I want to take them with me.  (that's what prayer is for...haha) But it doesn't feel like home.  God has spoken to us and shown us in so many ways where he wants us.  That is why it's home.

so home again, home again, (not quite) lickety split.  We are so ready.


Susan said...

I know your new friends there will be very sad to see such wonderful friends as your family leaving BUT, your OLD (not in age only!)friends here will be so happy you are returning. Put us in the top of that group!!!!

Shirley said...

I'm glad that you guys are enjoying the packing part of it so much. I always do, too. Everything just feels so much cleaner.. haha!

Your friends only want what God wants for your family, even if it means that they will miss you dearly.

Lisa Marshall said...

So happy. I wanna come help you pack!

Melanie said...

I'm thrilled you are coming home! And if you need a break from unpacking, once you get here, I know of a great movie playing in Broken Arrow on the eve of July 31st. You may know some of the people in it! (wink)