Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's finally here!!

We are moving this week!! We finally have gotten everything settled with the moving company and they are coming tomorrow and Tuesday to pack us up. They are going to have to repack almost everything in the garage so they think that will take a whole day by itself.  (Remember that we moved into a house half the size of our house in Broken Arrow, so we have about half of our stuff still boxed up in the garage)  They said they can pack the inside of the house in another day (and I doubt it will take very long).  We load up the moving truck on Wednesday and they drop things off on Thursday!! Hallelujah!!!

So excited! After waiting for months and months it seems like a dream that it is really here.

We are a little unsure what we need to do to get ready for the movers.  The man that came and did the evaluation said there was nothing we needed to do, but that doesn't seem quite right. Today I am going to get things together for school and put them in a special place. That way, when the packers box things up, I can tell them to put "OPEN NOW" on the school books and I will know where they are.  We have a few other things that we need to do the same kind of thing for, so we are going to be working on that today.  We also need to get our clothes set aside for the next few days so they don't accidentally get packed! I am looking forward to getting this started so I will understand better what is going to be happening. We have never had people pack us up before!


Susan said...

It'll be a LOT of work, the unpacking and setting up, but oh so worth it!!!!

Joelle said...

Thanks for stopping by. You've got lots of work ahead of you. All the best with the move.