Saturday, June 06, 2009

Whirlwinds of waiting

Oklahoma is known for its tornadoes, but this time we are experiencing internal whirlwinds, rather than external! And while our lives are in whirlwinds, we are actually having to wait around for any answers!

Michael found out late last week that Friday, yesterday, would be the last day of his contract. What does that mean? Well it means that he will be found an assistant manager position and also get an assistant manager salary. Of course, this is much less than we were hoping for in position AND salary. Although last weekend was a little hard, we got back on our knees and stormed the gates of heaven.

Monday we heard from Santa Clarita, CA that they wanted to interview him on Tuesday. He had the Tuesday interview and it went very well. We were hoping to hear Wednesday, but didn't hear a thing. Thursday they called him back and gave him a second interview. They said it was between him and another person. They also said we would know one way or another on Friday. Friday has come and gone and we have not heard. We are praying to hear this morning!!

On the homefront (and this is completely independent of California. If CA comes through, none of this will happen), yesterday Michael had a meeting with the local bigwigs. He is being moved to Edmond in 3 weeks. They are giving him 3 weeks so we can find a home. He will be an Assistant Manager at the store there. They gave him a four day weekend this weekend so we can go down there and start searching for a house.

Soooooo one way or another, we are moving in a few weeks. We are going to have a family packing party today and get things going.

Please pray that we hear from California soon. We would really like the CA job, for many reasons, but we are willing to trust that God will put us in the perfect place! I know that He has a place planned out ahead of us and when we walk into His plan, everything will work out wonderfully! Hallelujah!

As a side note...I really need a handy man to fix some things around the house. Please let me know if you know of a good one! Thank you!!

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