Saturday, June 06, 2009

Spring Haekelbeutel

After making my mom her Haekelbeutel, I decided to whip myself one up really quick. I decided on some spring colors and a little larger than my mother's.

I also added a pocket to the liner (yup, I am getting more detailed each time! LOL) and two pockets to the outside (I just made extra squares and sewed them to the outside squares). Then I crocheted and felted a purse organizer to keep everything in place inside.

I am really happy with the results, but I do learn something new everytime and will make some changes next time! :-) I am hoping to make one for each season, so I will have a chance to get practice.


NeeCee said...

Wow, it is beautiful! You can start your own business making these purses.

Susan said...

By the way, love your new header look.

Unknown said... rock!