Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trip to the Moon

Last year, Kaedra wanted to go to the moon. Now, every morning she asks "What we doing today?" Last week I was trying to be funny and said, "going to the moon!" Well......don't tell a four year old that you are going to the moon unless you can deliver!!

And so, we had a makeshift trip to the moon that day....I documented it for posterity. (and, of course, to share it with you)

Preparation: Helmet check, passports ready and practicing moon walk in an indoor moon simulation room. (aka kitchen)

The view from the spaceship of the moon at a distance. One of our astronauts was taking a space walk.

The view of the earth from space.

We went a little off course to see our galaxy from a distance.

Came closer to check out the milky way

Now on the moon, we were searching for other life. We discovered quite a few aliens!

This one was very cute and cuddly. And apparently, Guardian is the security sytem of choice for moon-folks.

Kaedra found another alien.

This astronaut was trying the moon atmosphere out without his helmet. He did suprisingly well.

Aliens even come in orange!

Although we found that the moon isn't made of cheese, you can FIND cheese on the moon!!

Another alien...and you can see the supplies I carried along...a water bottle, Kaedra's food in my pocket.

Coming back to the earth, after our moon trip.

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