Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Since you have all been praying for us, it's time I gave you an
update! At least as much as I know....(a lot has happened since

Michael is being transferred to Edmond as an assistant manager. His
contract as a developmental store manager ran out last Friday and he
was not given an extension.

We do not know the exact date he will be required to be in Edmond but
it will be sometime in the next two weeks. He will stay in a hotel
until we join him. At this time we are getting our house fixed up and
will be putting it on market next week. We plan to move into a small
rental in Edmond by July 1st.

We are still hoping he will find a store manager position before we
move to Edmond. Otherwise we will be moving twice in, hopefully, a
short span if time.

Please pray that he is able to find a store bwfore our move and that
everything goes smoothly with our house sale!

Thank you!!
Blessings and joy,

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