Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of Thanksgiving Challenge

Just got done with the Thanksgiving Challenge. I loved doing it. Thank you to Southbreeze farm for suggesting it!

Just in case you didn't see it on my sidebar, here is what I was thankful for this last month:
I am thankful for...
1. Fall, pumpkins and bags of candy
2. home church and a day home altogether
3. Election Lapbook
4. The right to vote
5. Sweet children
6. Kaedra and her many healings
7. Kaedra getting her picc line out
8. My girls' best friends.
9. the talent at my church
10. a new school week
11. My wonderful grandmother and her influence on me
12. My husband's day off and a new budget plan
13. a new nurse.
14. a friend's new pregnancy!
15. A weekend day that seemed like one
16. the Word
17. A Great day of School
18. A Husband who adores me
19. A Church that teaches the Word
20. My niece, Sherria
21. A system that, for the most part, works
22. A Clean house
23. Music that praises and worships the Lord
24. Michael's job
25. Marrying into a family where I get a great friend in the deal
26. an impromptu field trip
27. Our Almighty God, maker of heaven and earth
28. Friends that know me really well
29. Bountiful amounts of food
30. A strong marriage

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Susan said...

Wonderful thankfuls!!!!