Monday, November 24, 2008

Why I started Crocheting again

Kaedra, my daughter, was recently in the hospital for pneumonia. I stayed with her the whole time, which ended up being a week. I kept wishing that I had some crochet with me to work on. I had some un-finished projects at home, but none of them interested me anymore. I didn't really have time to find a new project and go get the yarn and hooks and take them up there. It was driving me crazy. For some reason, I couldn't get crocheting off my mind.

Once we got home, I think within 24 hours, I had found some projects and started crocheting. I decided to make all my friends and family crocheted items for Christmas. I have been working non-stop since then and have virtually forgotten to read! I am not going to make this blog public yet because I don't want my best friend to see what I have made for her and her family. :-) I will have to make it public after Christmas.

I have a list of projects I want to do that's about a mile long. I am going to have to figure out how to get stock in a yarn company. Right now, Brittany and I are dreaming of going to a yarn store....we are hooked. HAHAH. Okay, dumb crochet joke. I have come up with a lot of those lately too. :-)

Anyway, this is a place where I am going to share what I have made, what I hope to make and what I am working on. I have recently discovered a love of crochet blogs. I love seeing the cute projects people have done! I hope that my blog inspires people as well! :-)

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